Background Options

Plain White

Just like the page you are currently viewing.

If in doubt, you may find that choosing a plain white background is the best idea. You can always use texures, or other background designs on small areas of the site. A plain background is simple, clean and can look modern and professional.

All Over Pale Colour

All over background of a very pale tint of one of the colours in your chosen colour scheme.

example of website with pink background

White and a Colour

Using one of the colours in your chosen colour scheme, or a lighter or darker version of it.

example website with pink sides to background   example of website with blue background

Light Grey

Classic plain grey background

A Colour Gradient

Seamless Background that You Provide

You could purchase a background from Creative Market or The Hungry JPEG. Or there are some other sources (some of which are free) in my dropmark collection of resources.

Make sure that you buy a file in png or jpg format, rather than a Photoshop or Illustrator pattern, unless you own the software and know how to work with patterns.

Here are some examples to give you some ideas.

“Subtle Grey” from (this is a website with lots of different backgrounds that you can download for free.)

example of subtle pattens background

A striped background made using

example striped background

A seamless brick effect background from Pixeden.   This kind of background should be used with care, as it’s not an approach that will work for every site.

example of brick website background

A large background photo, like this one by valiunic at Pixabay  can be effective, but again it won’t work for every type of website and you need to be careful with the size of the image, so as not to slow down the loading time of the site too much.

example of website with photo background

Paper Effect Background

See the examples listed for the Doodled Style. These backgrounds could work with any of the other styles too.